Community Wellness Alliance

A Community Driven by Data

Are you a local provider who recognizes the need for integration but is looking for an alternative to the large healthcare system of today? Rather than a provider or service in a community reporting to a headquarters in a different city or state, we believe in and support community-based organizations serving their own communities. It’s healthier for the organization and it’s healthier for the community.

When there is pressure on an organization to accept an acquisition into a system or shut its doors, the Community Wellness Alliance (CWA) presents an alternative option. This option allows them to continue to be person-centered in their efforts. The CWA is a champion for community organizations, enabling their continued sustainability through financial and operational support while maintaining their unique identities and cultures. This is how we can promote greater access for targeted populations who remain underserved. Our collaboration promotes greater health equity and builds a healthier community for all.

We invite the following continuum of care providers to participate!

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Call: Mike Grundy 509-559-3100