Employment Opportunities


Excelsior Wellness is accepting applications for individuals interested in serving on our Board of Directors.

The ideal candidate is an individual who is passionate about seeing our community receive the services and resources that will enable all to live their healthiest lives possible. If you feel you are that person, please fill out the application below.  



OPENING SOON- SPED Teacher K-12 2022-2023 School Year




Registered Nurse
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RN/Clinical Coordinator
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Licensed Mental Health Clinician
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PMHNP-Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
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Where professionals integrate to deliver balanced care


Excelsior Wellness Employment Application





Fill out the Online Application, after submitting your application send your cover letter and resume to hr@excelsiorwellness.org


Or feel free to mail it to:

Attn: Human Resources Dept.
3754 W Indian Trail Rd
Spokane, WA 99208


Who We Are

Excelsior is a private non-profit homegrown healthcare system alternative. Education, behavioral health, primary care, and social and human services are integrated to provide holistic and comprehensive services to those we serve. Our employees understand the value of inter-professional integration. We know that people seek partnerships in their wellness and recovery journey.

We have redefined the need for accommodations in the workplace, as our responsive approach to meeting employee needs is as individualized as the services we provide. We value the expression of ideas and the willingness to collaborate on solutions. Our commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is central to our employee resources and our quality improvement process. Our DEI plan allows our organization to foster an employee-centered and inclusive culture marked by unity, collaboration, and respect.

Excelsior recognizes recovery as a daily process to combat the stressors of each day. Our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors contribute to our sense of being well, and our recovery process is essential to promoting positive thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Excelsior promotes eating well, sleeping well, moving well, and thinking well. We recognize our employees and provider’s recovery process is essential to be able to partner with another person in their wellness and recovery journey.


Our Goal and Commitment

Excelsior employees are committed to self-improvement. Our goal is to offer as many services and benefits as possible in our commitment to creating a truly inclusive and employee-centered environment. Excelsior will continue to hold Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as essential in supporting our core Mission, Vision, and Values. Addressing issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion is the work of every employee. As an organization, we will implement our plan through the commitment of executive and department leadership, our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council, and action teams consisting of representation across the organization’s departments. We believe the actions of a few cannot eliminate systemic inequities. Our success is dependent on employees and partners of Excelsior taking strong positive action for the culture to change. Our commitment provides employees throughout Excelsior the tools and education to build a more culturally inclusive workforce accountable to the communities that we serve.


Our Mission

Empowering Youth and Families To Live and Stay Well – We believe that every person has the potential to be safer, stronger, and more satisfied in the lives they lead. To that end, we provide equitable access to care, respect, and hope as they seek to connect to their futures.


Our Vision

Our vision is to serve a broad base of individuals and families with the primary aim of identifying goals and making positive steps towards accomplishing them. In our community, we are advocates and hold fast to the belief that children and families have the potential to be safer, stronger, and more satisfied in the lives they lead.


Our Values

Unity – Communication – Professionalism


Our Promise

Care – Hope – Respect




Learn More About Our Benefits



  • Your Family First,” employee-centered, and inclusive culture promoting sustainable work/life balance
  • Competitive Wages and Base Salaries (75th percentile on average)
  • Zero-cost Medical Plan (HRA direct pay or reimbursement program)
    • Zero-cost monthly premium
    • Zero-cost annual deductible
    • Zero-cost co-insurance
    • Zero-cost co-pays
    • Zero-cost prescription
    • Zero out of pocket expense
  • Access PPO Medical Plan option is offered
    • $50.00 a month per covered adult
    • Zero-cost outside of premium
  • Dental, and Vision insurance offered
  • Supplemental Insurance packages are offered
    • Aflac employee pricing
    • MetLife life insurance employee pricing
      • Complimentary $25,000.00 coverage
  • Retirement Plan 403(b)
    • Employer contribution budgeted annually
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
    • Free access to behavioral health, couple, and family counseling, Free access to education resources
    • Free legal forms and assistance
  • Generous Paid Time Off (PTO)
    • Vacation leave
      • 2 – 6 weeks each year depending on years of service
    • Recovery (sick leave)
      • 8 hours per month, no limit
    • PTO share program
    • 10 paid holidays
  • Education assistance
    • Access to online learning platforms
    • Loan repayment programs
    • Ongoing training and continuing education opportunities
  • Employer-paid
    • Paid Family Medical Leave premiums.
    • Professional liability insurance premiums
    • Specialty provider insurance premiums
    • Professional License renewal fees
    • Employee development programs