A Beautiful Comforting Place

Excelsior holds a strong vision about utilizing the grounds of Excelsior Wellness Center to create an interactive, restful, and healing space for all. This vision includes many components, including a fully certified arboretum, areas for conversation and contemplation, and public walking trails. Both the arboretum and overall master plan for the grounds of Excelsior will be managed through a phased implementation over the next five to seven years. The first and most dramatic phase of the arboretum launched in the summer of 2018.

Phase 1 began with the removal of several ponderosa pines between Indian Trail Road and the main entrance to campus. Updates to this space include a grouping of several varieties of flowering cherry trees and lilacs, along with many new species of deciduous trees. Each planting is labeled with clear botanical information for educational purposes. This phase also contains over 1,000 mixed daffodil bulbs for a glorious spring show of color. Phase 1 will be completed mid-year 2019 with turf and walking trails.

Phase 2 will begin mid-summer 2019 and will continue into 2020 with the introduction of new trees, more flowering and other woody shrubs, and walking trail expansion. Additional phases will be designed, implemented and planted through 2025 including expansion of walking trails, resting areas, meditation spaces, and other public spaces throughout the Excelsior campus.

Excelsior’s Environmental Development Department accepts monetary donations, plants from our master list, seating benches. Other materials in support of the arboretum are most appreciated. These tax-deductible gifts will be recognized on our botanical signage throughout the grounds.

For more information, please contact Lynn Suksdorf at (509) 328-7041 or by email at lynn.suksdorf@4eyc.org