Overview of Services

For over 30 years, Excelsior has become one of the leading community-based nonprofit organizations, dedicated to helping youth and families achieve wellness by living improved lives.


Behavioral Health Services

Outpatient Services Residential Services Psychiatric Nurse Services
Mental Health Services
Substance Use Services
Medication Management
Individual and Family Counseling
Group Therapy
Therapeutic Recreation
Transition Age Services
Inpatient Substance Use
Inpatient Psychiatric Care
Behavioral Rehabilitation Services
Therapeutic Recreation
Psychiatric Assessments
Psychiatric Prescribing
Medication Management

Primary Health Services

Health Clinic Other Services Behavioral Health
Wellness Checks
Sports Physicals
Preventive Care
On-site Optometry
Prescription Refills
Psychiatric Nurse Services
Psychiatric Assessments
Medication Management


Education Services

Middle & High School Specialized Services Job Readiness Training
Special Education
IEP and 504 Planning
High School Diploma
Credit Recovery
Art and Music Programs
Open Doors Youth Reengagement Program
Odysseyware Online Learning
GED Preparation
Vocational Training
Cosmetology, Food Service, Auto Repair

Specialty Programs

Co-occurring Intensive Outpatient (Co-IOP), Ages 10-21

Advanced care coordination, crisis response and a responsive therapeutic approach to meeting children, adolescents, and young adults where they are at. We utilize a harm reduction model to engage and serve the region’s “hardest to serve.” [Learn More]

Extended Foster Care, LifePoint, Ages 17-21

A comprehensive transition program supporting young adults in their pursuits of wellness and independent community-based living. Excelsior has a unique approach to transitioning young adults to the adult system of care, minimizing their need for intensive stabilization services in adulthood by providing basic necessities, care coordination, education, and work-readiness opportunities. [Learn More]

Day Treatment, Ages 10-17

Services for children and adolescents in a milieu setting to support social skills and coping mechanisms. Typically 3 hours per day, 5 times a week Excelsior provides innovative therapeutic recreation including an on-site Challenge Course with zip-line.

WISe+ Services, Birth -21

For families of individuals up to 21 years of age with complex behavioral health needs who could benefit from a high higher level of care or are at risk of out of home placement. WISe+ provides a dedicated Care Coordinator, Family or Youth Partner,  Mental Health Professional, Community Response Specialist, and a Therapeutic Recreation Specialist. [Learn More]

Rapid Response, Ages 10-21

A comprehensive Hospital Diversion program that engages and assesses the crisis and offers stabilization in the community or the hospital setting. Excelsior often engages families with children, adolescents, and young adults with chronic hospitalization, law enforcement interaction, or CPS involvement. [Learn More]